Engravings in wedding rings

A wedding ring is much more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is a symbol of love, commitment, and unity. To make this special piece of jewelry even more personal and meaningful, many couples have chosen to add engravings to their wedding rings. The engraving can be a simple date, a heartfelt message, or something unique that signifies your relationship.

Why have engravings on rings?

Engravings add even more personalization to wedding rings. Additionally, an engraving can have practical value – for instance, it can help remember your wedding date.
Engravings can also be helpful if the ring gets lost. If there is an engraving inside the ring (especially with a date and name), there is a greater chance of getting your ring back later. For example, if a found ring is taken to the police and has a name and date engraved inside, the police can search for married couples with that name on that date through the civil registry. This way, the police can contact you and return the lost ring.

What to engrave?

Date + Name/Names/Initials
The most classic and popular choice is to engrave your wedding date and your partner’s first name or both of your names on the rings. If you wish to engrave both names inside the ring, it is nice to write the man’s name first in the woman’s ring and vice versa in the man’s ring.

In the woman’s ring – Sass & Mari 29.05.2024 OR Sass 29.05.2024
In the man’s ring – Mari & Sass 29.05.2024 OR Mari 29.05.2024

Names or Initials
Another common choice is to engrave your and your partner’s name or your names or initials. Nowadays, many couples have already been together for a long time before getting married, and another date (such as the engagement date or the anniversary of the relationship) might have become more significant than the wedding date. Therefore, it is not always considered important to include the wedding date on the rings.

If you wish to engrave both names inside the ring, it is nice to write the man’s name first in the woman’s ring and vice versa in the man’s ring.

In the woman’s ring – Sass & Mari OR Sass OR S + M
In the man’s ring – Mari & Sass OR Mari OR M + S

Quotes and Phrases
Short quotes that mean a lot to you: a sentence from your vows, a line from your favorite poem, or something similar.

Some couples wish to engrave a symbol in their rings, such as an infinity sign, a heart, or another symbol that holds personal meaning for the couple.

The coordinates of your first meeting, home, or wedding venue.

Whatever comes to mind!
Remember, these are your rings, and you can engrave whatever you like on them!

One lovely couple for whom we made wedding rings wanted the engraving message to be a surprise for each other. The man sent us the text he wanted engraved inside the woman’s ring, and the woman sent us the text for the man’s ring. So, they only saw what their partner had written inside the ring when they placed them on their fingers on the wedding day – a very sweet and special idea 🙂

Font Style Options

Engravings can be done in various font styles to match your taste and style. At FRONT, we usually choose block letters, which are a modern and beautiful choice, and significantly more readable than calligraphic script. Block letters offer a clear and timeless look that complements contemporary wedding rings well.

Engraving Methods

Machine Engraving
In this method, the text or symbol is “scratched” into the ring using a special machine. The selection of fonts and symbols may be limited depending on the machine used, but if you don’t require special designs on the ring, this is one of the most beautiful options.

Laser Engraving
With laser engraving, any shapes and symbols can be etched into the ring. If you want special images or symbols, a vector file needs to be created for the engravings. If you can create this yourself, that’s great. If not, you will likely need to pay for the necessary file to be made. If the engraving is simply text, no separate file is needed.

Hand Engraving
This is the most special and unique method, but only a handful of engravers in Estonia can do it well, as engraving inside a ring is not easy. Hand-engraved rings are truly unique and have exceptional value.

3D Printed
For rings made using 3D printing, the desired text or image can be directly incorporated into the ring design in 3D, eliminating the need for later engraving.

How to Choose the Right Engraving?

When choosing an engraving, it’s important to consider what is most meaningful to you and your partner. Is it a date, a phrase, a symbol, or something else that signifies your relationship? Additionally, it’s worth considering how much space is available on the ring for the engraving and how well the chosen text or symbol will fit.

Technical Aspects

Before proceeding with the engraving, be sure to discuss your wishes with the ring maker. A professional jeweler can recommend the best solution, taking into account the material and shape of your ring. The style and size of the engraving largely depend on how much space is available on the ring and the font or style you prefer.

To summarize

A wedding ring engraving is a beautiful way to add even more personalization to your rings. It can be simple or intricate, symbolic or practical – what matters is that it tells your story. Take the time to think about what you want to engrave on your ring and enjoy the process that adds even more specialness to your special day. And remember – the engravings are for your eyes only!