from Martin to Anna-Mari

Celtic engagement ring

Material: white gold, salt & pepper diamond

Martin came to us with a wish to have a perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend. Since the couple cherishes nature a lot, it seemed that celtic knots with their continuous circuit and a so called cloudy diamond, would be a perfect fit. The intertwined ring symbolizes their lives.

A letter from Martin:
“I made the proposal at a fish restaurant in Egypt where we once had our first date. I thought we were on our own in a quiet corner, but it seems getting on one knee and the struggling catched people’s eyes. The moment when I finally got it done, we heard an applause.
Anna-Mari is really happy with the ring and praises the makers. I do too. Thank you again! She mentioned how she admires the ring many times every day.”

It is just amazing to be part of those beautiful stories in some way 🙂