from Kevin to Ulla

Engagement ring

Material: white gold, diamond

Kevin came to us with a really beautiful diamond and a wish to have it in an engagement ring. He knew he wanted the ring to be quite simple so that the stone could take all the credit it deserves and we agreed. We made the first design and asked Kevin over to our studio to have a look. Soon we realized that when the client is an architect even every tiniest detail must be fully thought through.
When we were showing the 3D design we have made, Kevin took over the program, he might even know better than we do. He started looking into details that on the ring are actually less than 0.05 mm and looked at those as they were meters – since that scale in which he works with when doing his everyday job.
In the end even the smallest details had been fixed to the perfection and one beautiful ring came out.
Even though the process took time, the end result was all worth it, as Kevin said and we can once more agree with him 🙂