from Siim to Eveli

Material: yellow gold, diamonds

A young rally driver contacted us with a certain wish. He wanted to get an engagement ring with wings. We came up with a design but the making process stayed for the last moment – so we had to be fast. The last night before the trip, where Siim wanted to propose, he wrote us asking if the ring is going to be finished it in time. If yes, he needed to go ask permission from the future father-in-law 🙂 🙂 We promised that the ring will be finished by the evening. That meant he had to take up quite a long journey to get the permission from the father-in-law, get the ring from us and get back home before his girlfriend starts to suspect something. Although the journey wasn’t short, it didn’t seem to be a problem for the rally man 🙂 That night he managed to get the permission, got the ring and we got to breathe with relief. Few weeks later we got a letter from Siim, saying: “Hey! I wanted to say that my girlfriend loved the ring and we got our happy end :)”. We are delighted for You! 🙂