from Risto to Keit

Engagement ring

Material: white gold, diamonds

Risto wasn’t in a hurry coming to us, which was quite refreshing for a change. He said that there’s no rush, he just knows that he’s with the right woman and would like to get things moving towards the proposal.
We sat down together in our studio and starting throwing ideas around, trying to find that one thing, that would make his eyes lit. And leaves came out to be that one thing – specifically the leaves of an apple-tree and a willow.
That decided, we reached the question about the stone. Quite fast “the stone” became “the stones” and in the end the ring had 3 stones and a special space for the forth. Risto told us an exact carat value for every stone and they obviously had a special meaning to them. So it was quite fascinating. Still, we never asked what the meaning was, since some things are just best to be left as a mystery 🙂